28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (2024)

If spending hours in the braider’s chair isn’t your idea of fun, have I got something for you! Two braided hairstyles are the ultimate win-win: they’re versatile enough for any occasion, and best of all, they’re quick to create. But don’t let the simplicity fool you—there are countless ways to make a two braids style uniquely yours.

Whether trusting your tresses to a braiding salon or flexing your skills, you’ll want to keep a few critical tools on hand. Think gel, holding spray, clips, bobby pins, edge control, a quality brush, and elastic bands.

Concerned about upkeep? No worries. Two braided hairstyles strike a sweet balance—neither high-maintenance nor neglect-and-go. A silk scarf or bonnet for nighttime, plus a little morning touch-up with your trusty brush and gel, will keep those braids looking fresh. And let’s talk budget: this two braids style is a beauty-budget dream come true. Slaying while saving? Yes, please!

So, sit tight because we’re about to dive into 28 different two braided hairstyles that offer endless styling options. Ready to find your next go-to look? Here we go!

1. Feed-In Two Braids

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Feed-in braids are a game-changer in braiding, offering a more natural, seamless look. This technique involves gradually feeding in strands of braiding hair, allowing the braids to thicken as they extend. To achieve a feed-in two braids style, you’ll create a feed-in cornrow braid on each side of your head. Using this feed-in approach gives your two-braid hairstyle an organic, rooted appearance, as if the braids are sprouting directly from your scalp.

2. Men’s Two Braids

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Gentlemen, listen up! Two braids aren’t just for the ladies; they’re a versatile and stylish option for men too. While extensions are generally not required, those with shorter hair can still add a bit of braiding hair for extra volume and length. Because a substantial portion of your hair will be slicked back in this style, it’s a smart move to rock a durag at night. This helps to protect your braids and keep those flyaways at bay.

3. Two Braided Ponytails

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The two braided ponytails style is as playful as it is classy, offering a youthful and energetic vibe. No need for a salon visit; you can easily achieve this look with a DIY detachable braided ponytail. Start by parting your hair down the middle and slicking back each section using your go-to holding products. Then, attach the braided ponytails securely, and you’re all set. This hairstyle is a delightful way to channel your inner child while radiating a fresh and lively energy.

4. Goddess Two Braids

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For those who love bohemian inspired looks, goddess two braids is a great way to incorporate it into a simple braid hairstyle. Goddess two braids involves using curly hair pieces to uplift a regular two braids hairstyle. There is a wide range of curly hair brands and types that can be used to achieve goddess two braids. The curly pieces can be attached to any part of the hair, using either a crochet pin or adding them while braiding.

5. Two French Braids

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The French braid is a classic technique that utilizes the overhand braiding method to create a sleek, inverted braid design. In a two French braids style, you start by parting the hair with a vertical line running from the hairline all the way to the nape of the neck. This separates the hair into two sections. Then, you craft a French braid on each side. Now, if you’re looking to amp up the volume or length, extensions can be seamlessly fed into the braids as you go along. It’s key to note that French braids lay flatter against the scalp compared to their regular or Dutch braid counterparts.

6. Two Braids with Weave

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (6)

Marrying braids with weave gives you a double win—elegance meets casual in a two braids with weave style. The beauty of this look is its versatility; you can opt for various weave textures like straight, wavy, or curly, to suit your mood. And here’s the kicker: you typically won’t need more than two bundles to nail this hairstyle.

7. Two Braids on Natural Hair

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (7)

If you’re looking to give your natural hair a break with a protective style, two braids are a fantastic option. The beauty of this look is its simplicity—all you really need is your own hair. For a laid-back vibe, you can even skip the gel. But if sleek is what you’re aiming for, a little gel can go a long way in smoothing your strands before you start braiding. It’s a win-win: you save money and look fabulous doing it.

8. Two Braids into a Ponytail

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The two braids into a ponytail style offers a fresh twist on the traditional two-braid look. To achieve this, start by parting your hair in the middle and making a cornrow braid on each side. Once both sides are braided, bring them together at the nape of your neck and secure them using a hair tie or thread. From there, you have options: either combine the braids into a single braided ponytail or attach a weave for added volume and length in your ponytail.

9. Two Braids into a Bun

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (9)

The two braids into a bun style is a great look that’s wearable for a variety of occasions. Begin by braiding your hair into two neat strands. Then, bring both braids together and put them into a neat bun. For added security and neatness, you can use a needle and thread to keep the bun in place. Just a pro tip: make sure the thread matches your hair color to keep it discreet. If you’re looking for a sleek look that also keeps your hair neatly away from your face, neck, and body, this style is a must-try.

10. Two Braids with Curly Ends

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (10)

If you’re looking to add a playful twist to your standard two-braid hairstyle, why not give it some curls at the ends? After creating your two braids, you’ve got options for curling those tips. You can wrap the ends around a flexi rod, sew in a curly weave, or even feed in some curly extensions. And here’s the best part: this curly flourish works beautifully on both long and short two-braid styles.

11. Sew-In with Two Braids in Front

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (11)

The sew-in with two braids in front is a lovely yet simple hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds—braids and weaves. Start by dividing the front section of your hair into two parts and create a cornrow braid on each side. After that, the weave is sewn at the back section. Leave a small section of your natural hair out to seamlessly cover the tracks where the weave ends. Want to spice things up? Consider a peekaboo effect by using a contrasting color for the weave hidden beneath the main layer.

12. Two Long Braids

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (12)

Two long braids can be your go-to style for those who adore long hair. The process is straightforward: add braiding hair to each strand until you achieve the desired length. A quick tip—if you’re aiming for extended length, consider making the braids thicker to balance out the look. Thin braids can appear disproportionate when styled long.

13. Side-Part Two Braids with Weave

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (13)

If a center part isn’t your style you can achieve a two-braids look with a side part. When you go for a side part, keep in mind that one braid may end up being larger than the other. This is because the parting starts from the side of the hair. However, if balanced braid sizes are your goal, a little strategic parting can work wonders to even things out.

14. Two Braids with Curls

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If you’re looking to turn heads, then two braids with curls is where it’s at. It’s like the best of both worlds—you get those sleek cornrow braids meeting up with some fun, curly ends. Now, how you get those curls is up to you. You can either sew in a curly weave or slide in some curly crochet extensions. Feel like turning up the volume? Go ahead and style those curls or add a few curly pieces up front to frame your face. Trust me, you’ll be serving looks.

15. Two French Braids with Colored Extensions

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (15)

To give your classic French braids a colorful twist, adding colored extensions is a game-changer. Because French braids are inverted, those colored strands will pop right in the center of each braid, creating either a subtle or striking contrast to your natural hair color. Depending on what vibe you’re going for, you can go with bright, warm, or dark colors.

16. Wig with Two Braids in Front

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (16)

Do you have a frontal wig lying around? Put it to good use by doing a wig with two braids hairstyle. If that wig isn’t fresh out the box, make sure to give the frontal a good cleaning to remove any leftover product. Once that wig is securely on, go ahead and braid two sections at the front. The back of the wig can be styled by straightening or curling it to fit the look you want.

17. Two Braid Pigtails

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (17)

Switch up your usual pigtail game with two braided pigtails. First off, part that hair right down the middle and slick each section down low. Add in some braiding hair and voila—you’ve got yourself two distinct braided ponytails. Throw in some curls at the ends or spice it up with your favorite hair accessories.

18. Two Stitch Braids with Weave

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (18)

Stitch braids stand out for their signature horizontal lines, set at short intervals along the cornrow. To achieve two stitch braids, you’ll want to start with a high-quality braiding gel to ensure the hair is well-slicked. Pre-parting the lines is crucial for achieving the neat, stitched appearance that defines this style. Once the stitch braids are complete, a quick weave is attached to the end of each braid. To secure the weave, use a needle and thread to fasten it tightly to the natural hair.

19. Two French Braids in a Bun

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (19)

Want to elevate your French braid game? Make those two French braids into a stylish bun. Add flower ornaments, hair clips, or whatever catches your eye to amp up the glam. Looking for more volume? Add some curly pieces to the bun for more volume. This look is a hit for formal occasions—think dinner dates, prom nights, and more.

20. Two Braids Wig

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (20)

A two braids wig can offer a quick and polished look, but to really make it shine, preparation is key. Start off with flat cornrows underneath, and consider using the bald cap method so the wig lays flat, for a natural look. A 360 lace is highly recommended for putting together your two braids wig, not just for its natural appearance but also for its adaptability. With a 360 lace, you’re essentially getting a two-for-one deal—you can easily switch up the style by taking out the braids when you’re ready for something new.

21. Colored Two Braids

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (21)

Want to add color to your braid game? Braiding hair extensions come in a rainbow of options, perfect for making colored two braids. The technique is just like your standard two-braid style, but here you’ll swap in vibrant, colored braiding hair. It’s a simple switch that can make a world of difference, taking your look from basic to show-stopping.

22. Ponytail with Two Braids in Front

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (22)

Want to take a basic ponytail to the next level? Add in two braids at the front and you’ve got yourself a style upgrade. Start by slicking your hair back into a ponytail, which can be a weave or a braided ponytail. Whether you’re going for a high, center, side, or low ponytail, the choice is yours. Then, create two braids at the front, keeping them short enough so they don’t fall into your face and become bothersome.

23. Two Braids with Designs

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (23)

Think two braids are a bit too plain? Spice them up with some unique designs. You can get creative with different parting styles and lines, adding that extra wow-factor to your look. You’ve got freedom here—place the designs on either side of the braids or even between them. Just a heads-up: less is often more, so be mindful not to overcrowd the style with too many elements, keeping it sleek rather than clunky.

24. Two Bubble Braids

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (24)

Ready for a fun twist on classic braids? Let’s talk bubble braids, also known as poodle puffs. They add a playful touch to the traditional two braids style. Here’s how it works: once you’ve got your cornrow braids down, use elastic bands to create intervals along the length of each braid. Then, fluff out the sections between the bands to get those signature “bubbles.” To add an extra dash of personality, consider using colored elastic bands to brighten up the look.

25. Two Criss Cross Braids

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (25)

Criss cross braids are a fun spin on the classic cornrow, giving you a dynamic ‘X’ shape right at the center of your head. To achieve the two criss-cross braids style, you’ll place one cornrow braid over the other, intersecting them in the middle. Repeat this on the second section of your hair, and voila, you’ve got a look that’s anything but basic. Feel like switching it up? These braids are super versatile—you can rock them in any color, any length, and even bundle them into a bun.

26. Two Braided Ponytails with Swoop

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (26)

First things first: when slicking that swoop, make sure to use products with skin-safe ingredients. This is crucial, because that swoop will be draping over part of your forehead, and the last thing you need is an unwanted skin reaction. Health and style can totally go hand in hand, especially when rocking two braided ponytails with a swoop.

27. Two Braids with Box Braids in the Back

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (27)

Looking to break away from the everyday braided styles? Consider two braids with box braids in the back. This easy but striking look combines the best of both worlds: sleek cornrow braids in the front and individual box braids at the back. As for those box braids, you’ve got options—you can take the traditional route with knot braids or opt for knotless braids.

28. Half-and-Half Colored Two Braids

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (28)

If playing it safe with hair colors isn’t your vibe, then half-and-half colored two braids should be right up your alley. Picture this: one braid in bold red and the other in jet black—or whatever color combo sets your heart beating. If your natural hair is already split-dyed, this style is a slam dunk. But hey, if you’re not ready to commit to permanent dye, no worries—temporary dye can still let you rock this dynamic look

28 Two Braids Hairstyles - Braid Hairstyles (2024)


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